Constellation Work

Changing the World, one Heart at a Time

Learning Circle

Intuitive Awareness, Personal Transformation and the Art of Facilitating Systemic Constellations

Tools and Guidance for Heart-Centered Living

Family Constellations

Facilitator Training

The facilitator training is integrated in the WAY OF THE HEART Learning Circle. It combines in-depth constellation work with developing your intuition and the ability to follow the energy, not only in constellations, but in all areas of your life. This is not a methodical program. Rather, it involves stepping out of the linear mind and into the heart, where the intelligence of the “knowing field” can reach and teach you.

Inquire Within Healing

Long Distance Constellations

While Family Constellations workshops with a circle of human representatives are the most powerful form for doing this work, (with many benefits beyond addressing one’s own personal issue), constellations can be set one-on-one with a skilled facilitator. This allows people without easy access to a workshop, and also the sick, elderly or severely time-restricted, to take advantage of this powerful healing process. All that’s needed is a telephone, or better yet, a computer/smart phone with Skype, FaceTime or another video call app.

Family Constellations

Introductory Evenings

There is no better way to learn about constellations work than to see and feel its power for yourself. For this reason, I schedule introductory evenings  and other opportunities to experience the work  throughout the year and in almost every location I work. Most of these evenings are held in conjunction with a workshop, on the Friday evening preceding the workshop weekend. Check the calendar for all published dates and locations.