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Brigitte Sztab, C.C.

Healer, Teacher, Counselor, Change Agent

BrigitteMember ISCA
International Systemic Constellation Association,

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In 1981, after extensive world travels, Brigitte came to the U.S. from her native city of Frankfurt, Germany.  She moved to North Central Washington and began living on the land, learning to garden organically and studying alternative healing modalities until she became the mother of two children.  She then directed her energies towards alternative education and in 1991 became co-founder and long-term board member of  Chelan Valley Independent School, a state approved holistic private school in the little town of Chelan, WA.


The late G.Dietrich Weth

In 1997 Brigitte attended her first Family Constellations workshop in Germany, led by Dietrich Weth, one of the “first generation” facilitators under Bert Hellinger and a member of the International Working Group for Systems Constellations. Brigitte was so profoundly touched by the healing effects which the work had on her own life that she felt immediately called to pursue it.  She began by sponsoring Family Constellations  workshops in the U.S. in order to share this amazing work with people in her new country.  The workshops she organized, led by Dietrich Weth, were among the first ever offered in the U.S.


Artwork by Johanna Sparks

Meanwhile Brigitte was learning to facilitate Family Constellations workshops under Weth’s personal mentorship.  She also attended F.C.seminars and trainings led by Bert Hellinger, and many others of the “first generation” facilitators from Germany.  Brigitte continues to take every opportunity to expand her knowledge and skills in Systemic Constellation work and other areas of energy healing.
Having led thousands of constellations in her 21 years with this work, Brigitte is one of the most experienced facilitators working in the USA today, leading constellations nationally and internationally. Since 2004 she shares her extensive experience and deep understanding of constellation work in a transformative training: “Intuitive Awareness and the Art of  Facilitating Systemic Constellations”.  She regularly shares her skills and experience as a presenter at the US Conferences on Systemic Constellations.

In addition to her involvement with constellation work, Brigitte has been trained in many other energy healing modalities, including Past Life Regression,  Trauma Release Therapy, Dowsett Space – and Personal Energy Field Clearing, Body Talk System and Reiki. She is a certified counselor in the state of Washington,  a certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner and co-creator of the women’s workshop “Invisible No More“.  Brigitte holds workshops and trainings all over the United States and internationally. Additionally, she offers long-distance sessions, and personal constellations and has a private practice for energy medicine in Chelan, WA.

Brigitte brings to her work a clear and grounded focus, gentle compassion, joy and laughter; and a humble reverence for the innate wisdom and wholeness of every soul. Her finely tuned skill of observation combines with her innate gift of intuition to read somatic and emotional patterns and follow the energetic direction towards resolution, as desired by her clients’ hearts.

Brigitte’s personal interests are centered around her family, personal growth, spiritual evolvement, holistic health, energy work and community.  She has a sparkling sense of adventure and is a life-long learner with a passion for music, books, travel, noetic science, nature, dance, gardening and creating art.  Life and work are completely integrated for Brigitte.  Her rich life experiences and continuous inner journey nourish her professional work and vice versa.

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