Long Distance Sessions

While immersive Family Constellations workshops with a circle of human representatives are the most powerful form for doing this work, (with many benefits beyond addressing one’s own personal issue), constellations can be set one-on-one with a skilled facilitator. This allows people without easy access to a workshop, and also the sick, elderly or severely time-restricted, to take advantage of this powerful healing process. All that’s needed is a telephone, or better yet, a computer/smart phone with Skype or FaceTime or another video call app. For long distance constellations we...

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It is difficult to describe Family Constellations in words that truly convey the extend of the experience with all its reverberations in your heart, soul and your family system. Family Constellations work on so many levels and are differently perceived, experienced and integrated by different people. Please take some time to read about the experiences of participants during and/or after their workshop experience: Excerpts from letters Workshop testimonials Learning Circle Testimonials    

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