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This is not a comprehensive directory of US or international facilitators. Listing on this page does not constitute an endorsement by Brigitte Sztab. Anyone can email a request to be added to this listing.

Related websites:

Middle East:

Jerusalem, ISRAEL: Diane/Sara-Malka Laderman



Bert Hellinger International site:   with international directory

International Systemic Constellations Association: with extensive international directory

Victoria Schnabel;

Bertold Ulsamer;

Netherlands: Daan van Kampenhout:

Lyon, France:

Spain, Portugal::    with international directory



New York City:

Suzi Tucker, Mark Wolynn

Annie Block Pearl

Boston, MA:

Dan Booth Cohen

Belmont, MA

Jamy Faust & Peter Faust

Watertown, MA :

Inner Arts Institute

Asheville, NC

Sheila Saunders         with US facilitator and workshop directory,

Washington, DC:

Susan Ulfelder

St. Louis, MO:

Gail Cloud


Ed Lynch


Seattle, Washington

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt:

Portland, OR:

Jane Peterson:

Bay Area, CA:

Peter DeVries

Los Angeles, CA:

Gary Stuart

Bozeman, MT:

Diane Yankelevitz:      with US facilitator and workshop directory


Publications, Books & more: