Facilitator Coaching and Supervision Service

04-05 LC_1

(offered in WA only)
Many people are drawn to become constellation facilitators when the power of this work meets with their innate intuition and willingness to step into the service of assisting others on their healing path.
Fortunately there is an increasing number of national and international trainers available and various excellent programs that teach different facets of this work. What many courses cannot sufficiently provide though, is the actual practice of facilitating constellations all the way up to the point where a student’s confidence has a foundation of  numerous experiences of working with “the field”. The dilemma for the training course graduate is often: “How do I practice and gain experience in this work without failing my constellation clients? I do not wish to do harm.” The answer is coaching and supervision.As a seasoned facilitator and trainer, I bring my experience and knowledge to your constellation events in a supportive role. I observe the constellations and your facilitation, help you when the energy gets stuck and when you need support. During our conference afterwards I will give you constructive feedback on your facilitation, taking into account your personality and evolving style, and offer helpful suggestions on working with group energy, so you can quickly grow into a sense of ease and confidence in your work.

I welcome you to contact me to discuss how I can help you grow as a facilitator.