Introductory Evenings

There is no better way to learn about constellations work than to see and feel its power for yourself. For this reason, I schedule introductory evenings  and other opportunities to experience the work  throughout the year and in almost every location I work. Most of these evenings are held in conjunction with a workshop, on the Friday evening preceding the workshop weekend. Check the calendar for all published dates and locations.

The intro evenings are open to the public and reservations are required, unless otherwise indicated. You do not have to register for the workshop to attend the intro, but if, at the end of the evening, you would like to participate in the workshop, you may register for the remainder of the weekend if space is still available.

The start time is not always the same, please check the schedule and be punctual, allowing time to complete the check-in.

To register for a particular introductory evening please click on the date and location on the calendar and fill out the form. Most intro evenings outside of WA have outside sponsors and a set tuition. Please check the individual event listing you are interested in.

At introductory evenings in WA you are invited to donate an amount that reflects your value for this work. A $15-$25 suggested donation for the Family Constellations Scholarship Fund will be appreciated.

Email me if you would like to sponsor an introductory evening and/or workshop in your area.

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