Inner Space Sourcing

ID-10017032 ISS- Inner Space Sourcing is a technique of locating old, often unrecognized trauma in the body’s energy field, whether they were incurred in this or a past life time. ISS safely allows the client to bring awareness to the trauma, and to recognize the unconscious, patterned, emotional responses and blockages it is producing in the present, and releasing them. ISS promotes emotional freedom through self-awareness, working through fears and clearing away the baggage of the past. ISS is a tool to find and free your deepest and truest parts, bringing clarity, self-confidence and joy.

Through a meditative space of relaxation, you will be gently guided beyond the ordinary mind to become aware of deep patterns and limiting behavior. The emotional scars and traumas of your past (or past lives) can keep you from living your best life.  ISS will help to unlock and release these imprints so that you will be able to see and know yourself as you truly are, and to move toward your highest potential.

ISS is not available long distance, please schedule an appointment in the office.