Learning Circle Testimonials


“Working with Brigitte brings meaning and depth to concepts like ‘being present’ and ‘living from the heart’. She creates the support and safety needed to risk looking deep within beyond old patterns that cannot serve a full and expanded life.”
–Tina Lisp, Ph.D.
Seattle, WA

“The Learning Circle has unlocked a whole, new world for me. My system consists of an amazing leader, group of learners, and host of loved ones supporting me.”
–Jessica Letkiewicz,
Sarasota, FL

“The Learning Circle experience gave me the ability to reach inside, and discover how to understand myself and improve my relationship with others. This is a great program.”
–Spyros Pavlou, Ph.D.
Chelan, WA

“My experience in the learning circle and working with Brigitte Sztab has been profound. As a mental health professional I take serious the edict “healer heal thyself”. I have spent considerable energy engaging in psychotherapy and other various forms of healing. Many wise elders in this process have urged me to focus on healing my relationship with my parents. This was a difficult but rewarding process with my mother and nearly impossible prospect regarding my father until I started working with Brigitte in the context of systemic family constellations. The constellations gave me an opening and a new perspective on my father and his family of origin that have allowed me more acceptance and peace in my heart for my father than any other form of therapy over many years has enabled. The result is I feel having my whole heart for the first time in my life.”
–B. H., LMHC
Seattle, WA

“The first time I attended a Family Constellations workshop, I came home noticeably different. My children stopped what they were doing and circled around me…feeling the difference. Being part of this year’s Learning Circle has only deepened that clear calmness and helped free me from old stories.”
–Kim Odell
Twisp, WA

“For many many years I’ve been relying only on my brain, my ability to think and calculate and solve, it was convenient and emotionless, and, oh well ! unhappy. Learning Circle with Brigitte helped me to remember that I have a heart and soul , and how awesome it feels to give LOVE and receive LOVE. It is a Great experience.”
–Larisa Thorpe, Business owner
East Wenatchee, WA

524815_385645541534794_1918438658_n“The Learning Circle was a great way to deepen both my understanding and my experience of following the energy in family constellations. Brigitte is a very gifted facilitator and teacher, and her warmth and intuition make learning easy and fun. There is so much value in meeting on a regular basis with a group of like-minded people who are also exploring the depth and beauty of family constellation work. It was a very heartfelt bonding experience with the other members of the circle.”
— Bryan Brewer,
Seattle, WA

“I learned how to stay focused on my feelings, discern the difference between what I was thinking and what I was feeling. I came to trust my intuition at a new level and go deeper than I ever have with other people’s issues, while respecting our boundaries. This all came about because of Brigitte’s ability to share what she knows so well, her deep compassion and non-judgment. Brigitte’s leadership enabled a group of strangers to come together in a deep and powerful way that has positively influenced my life .
I would recommend this class to anyone who is seeking to know themselves and others in their wholeness.”
–Liz Barr, Bothell

“I was part of the original 2004/05 Family Constellation Learning Circle. The level of commitment our group expressed by gathering in service to ourselves, our growth and to the intent of learning Family Constellation work together, brought me into a transformative level of trust and intimacy. Additionally, Brigitte’s presence, exquisite facilitating skill, insight and compassion helped me become vulnerable, at a core level, to LOVE. A very young disconnection within me healed. I no longer shake in the presence of a group. I can feel loved…no longer threatened or fearful. Since I work as an energy healer and workshop leader, this is a major contribution in living and expressing Life. ”
–Livina Hiacinth, B.Ed.,
Reiki Master,Spiritual Counsellor & Facilitator in Light,
Energy Reader & Healer, Workshop Facilitator

“Learning Circle has been an experience of opening my heart, and seeing goodness in all of life. My growth has changed my perspective from needing to carry around ‘old stories’ to living the present, with acceptance and love.” –Christina Wright-Lonheim,
Psycho-spiritual counselor,

ID-10061785“The Learning Circle is a great opportunity to dive deeper into the Family Constellation mystery, with a very skilled, intuitive teacher. The simplicity and heart-centered nature of this work is profound. It is beneficial to explore this with a group, to grow and learn together, to experience great insight and great healing in a safe space. The continuity and the community is powerful. Having my heart opened up in front of a group of peers, and feel acceptance, love and compassion is a deep healing. I am grateful for my family and my ancestors, and feel their support in ways that were not accessible before this experience.”
–Wendy Mintiero,
Licensed Accupunturist & Cranio-Sacral Practitioner,

“I decided to do the Learning Circle two times because I wanted to continue my own personal work. Family Constellations has helped me greatly to perceive the world with my heart and intuition rather than my intellect. It has been a humbling experience that I can truly recommend to anybody who would like deeper insight into the workings of their own family soul and into their own personal behavioral patterns. Brigitte’s compassionate guidance has helped facilitate a healing from the heart and has opened doors to many other wonderful people who have all been part of her Learning Circles.”
–Nicole Barthel,
LMP, Cranio Sacral Practitioner,

One year, it seems like such a long time … Can I commit, can I go into the unknown? I take a deep breath, a leap of faith, and here I am. I may look like a deer caught in headlights, but I am here. We come together for two days of Learning Circle (LC) intensity hotter than lava. Then, while the weeks go by, until the next intensity, you simmer, smolder, and remold. Whether you sit in the “hot seat”, work as participant, or simply hold space; you will be remolded by your LC experience. “What does that mean to be remolded?” Everything we know from the past, all our bumps and bruises, twists and turns, every crossroad we take, has molded who we are today. We know what we know, until our mold is broken. Then we are free to experience things a new way, a way through Love. I have been remolded by my LC experience, never to be the same again. Through the pain, through the tears, I reconnect to my ancestry through Love. I feel that Love now for the first time. It sustains me, as it should be. I am Blessed! Forever changed, Forever Loved!
~ Lisa Dawn Warriax,PhD

“My experience in the Learning Circle was very special to me,as it was so unlike any other experience in my life. I feel profoundly grateful for the friendships
I made during this journey into my own heart. I believe that one of the most valuable aspects of the Learning Circle was the consistency of returning every month. As Brigitte would always say, “All you have to do is show up”. How true that was, because somehow once we all returned to the circle, that room and that day was
permeated with warmth, love, forgiveness, freedom. We would return to our lives, buzzing with this energy. After a month away, coming back to the circle was like
being welcomed home. Thank you Brigitte, and to the other members of the Learning Circle, for making it happen.”
–Beth Fry, Leavenworth

“I participated in the Learning Circle out of curiosity. It was a very enlightening experience for me. I was exposed to healing methods and knowledge that were totally new to me and which helped me in my personalgrowth. Interacting with the different participants was heartwarming and Iam grateful for having had the opportunity to engage in this wonderful experience and connect with a new family.
Sally Maxfield, Sarasota, FL

IMG_0089“For many many years I’ve been relying only on my brain, my ability to think and calculate and problem-solve. It was convenient and emotionless and- I was unhappy.
Learning Circle with Brigitte helped me to remember that I have a heart and soul , and how awesome it feels to give LOVE and receive LOVE. It is a great experience.
–Larisa Thorpe, Business Owner
East Wenatchee, WA

“…we had a atudy group this evening in which I was asked to lead nearly every constellation… I loved every minute of it – such delight in my heart and soul. I can’t tell you what it feels like to have finally found my place in this work – truly it has given me a sense of belonging in the world that I never really had before. I also never realized til this evening what a transmission of energy there from teacher to student. Just as there are ancestral lineages and spiritual lineages, so too there lineages of this heart and soul path — I felt this evening how something of your very heart essence and being has been transmitted to me, and when I do the work, I am as much myself/nothing/everything as I am you. I am grateful and proud to be among your descendants. Thank you for your deep care and attention in guiding me and all of us.
–Casy Bledsoe, Counselor
Sarasota, FL

“…After my last constellation I have a calm I don’t think I have had before and it is a relief. Despite the emotional overwhelm or confusion I might feel sometimes, I appreciate and really have to believe the idea that the worst part is truly over–whatever it was, it happened in the past, and we already survived it, or our ancestors survived it long enough for us to come into being. I keep hearing one of the phrases Brigitte said last weekend–when our minds conjure up the overwhelming thoughts that create the overwhelming feelings–this is our mind in an old habit of trying to protect us (a worthy act back then). So I keep reminding myself/mind that I no longer need that. The present is benign, whatever it is showing me about myself and the world, or whatever I need to face or feel–and all part of healing. I also remember the word “possibilities”–that I now get to receive life and all its possibilities, and put my attention there.
The other important part to me is that we are doing this together. I really appreciate our group–for me the sincere heartfelt caring that everyone has shown is a big part of what has made it possible at all for me to have the courage and to reach for the presence to participate past where I was when I started this circle. I have really been able to notice people’s caring towards me.
And Brigitte–I so value how welcoming you are and the lack of judgement you bring and I want to learn this. You seem to welcome everyone and every experience people bring–you tell the truth about it without rejecting or blaming people, or jumping to conclusions. It seems like what you do comes from really authentically caring for people and trusting in love. And how else would we be able to do these constellations without your trust in that or commitment, or whatever it is that means you stick in there.”
Eva Leibundgut
Seattle, WA

“Since the Learning Circle I have been noticing how much easier it is to stay in the heart space. Thank you a million times! What a different life we have when we live from the heart. I so much appreciate your work and YOU. Your dedication to the heart is obvious and precious. You have helped me a ton through this work and I’m so happy to have another tool that anchors me in my heart.”
–Carol Stanton, MEd
Chapel Hill, NC

“Dear Brigitte – you are without a doubt, and always have been in my total experiences with you, the most relentlessly kind person I have ever met. And I thank you for how you have touched me with your kindness – I am forever changed and changing – and I thank the Divine field working through and with you and all of us in workshops and Learning Circle.”
–Paul Forrest
Seattle, WA

2012-07-26 22.01.53“The Learning Circle has unlocked a whole, new world for me. My system consists of an amazing leader, group of learners, and host of loved ones supporting me.
I appreciate Brigitte’s ability to trust what is and to remove herself from judgement. That is the energy she sends to our group and to all of us everyday. I feel very blessed to have her as a role model as I undergo these transformations.
When in that place of love, I feel the power of something so strong that I become afraid I can’t handle it. Like it is so powerful that it will consume me 100%. Thus, I recognize that fear of losing my self. Yet, little by little, I release that fear. And, time by time, I can go deeper and deeper in that place of love and open myself a bit more to trust knowing there will one day be nothing holding me back. I recognize the process, appreciate the progress, and most importantly trust the process. I trust that I will be supported for my purpose and learn about my gifts. I look forward to what is new and true.”
–Jessica Letkiewicz, Teacher
Sarasota, FL

“Before this grace-filled year was over I knew that the work that I and others had done in the circle had greatly lightened the load in my personal “backpack.” I now witness in my life a new era of wholeness, integrity and joy that I thought I could never achieve. I am deeply grateful.”
–Sophie Morse, Mediation Professional
Poulsbo, WA

“As a kinesthetic learner, the most important shift I experienced was discovering that my heart was there for me … that I could literally sit on it and feel it supporting me in a way I had never felt supported before. I also got the chance to experience what it was like to sleep soundly the night before a final test and perform with confidence during the 2-1/2 hour on my feet exam. It wasn’t that I knew everything; I didn’t; what was incredible to me was that if I made a mistake, it was okay .. because I was okay. Now, that the immediate sensation has passed, what I do is use the experience in a new way …I call it back, I remember what it felt like to feel my heart then, and when it opens, I feel held and willing to say yes to what’s in front of me.”
–Alline Thurlow, Care giver
Seattle, WA