Letters from Clients




(Excerpts printed with permission)

“Your heart centered  approach to this work is wonderful and powerful. Thank you for allowing me to have a session. It will be integrating for quite awhile and has already affected my family in a positive way, especially my brother with whom I am closest. He has a strong intuitive side and had some shifts in consciousness about my father on Saturday and my mom on Sunday without even knowing that I was in this healing workshop over the weekend. He said it helped make sense of some of his emotional feelings over the weekend. That was amazing to have such validation within the family so quickly.”
What a gift you give us as such an amazing facilitator. Thank you for sharing your belief in this work!”

–C.R. Seattle

“I want to give you my deepest thanks for the Family Constellations workshop. For many days after the workshop, I found myself longing to be there still.  My feelings of being accepted and part of something very big and very significant were so strong in the workshop, and I thank you for what you did to make this come about.
I can feel the relief in my body and posture, and also hearing people tell me I look different, more buoyant and sparkly.  I also find that the pathways to old ways of thinking and feeling aren’t there as they used to be, and the path of optimism and deep satisfaction is wide open.
Again, dear Brigitte, thank you for all you’ve given me, and for all that has come about because of your work.
We are blessed by your presence in our lives…
Elaine Settles, Leavenworth, WA
Database Administrator

“It has been many weeks since the November workshop.  I have been telling close friends what an amazing, rewarding, and healing experience it was for me and of course I would like you to know this as well.  My mom and dad came over to spend Thanksgiving with us and it was a more enjoyable and “open” time spent with them (especially my mom) than I can remember in a long time.  I am so encouraged by the healing nature of love and how it is supported by this constellation work.  I also felt quite honored and “stretched” by participating in other’s constellations.  I would certainly like to participate again!  In the meantime I am reading Love’s Hidden Symmetry and finding it helpful and enlightening. ”
–Linda Baker, Ellensburg, WA

“I like the effects of my first Family Constellations session.  I feel a lot of healing around my relationship with my mother & father. … Take care & thanks for the work you do.”
–Dianne C., Seattle, WA
Retired Manager

” …The constellation experience was everything you said it would be and what was hinted at in the books.  But as you and the book explained, one cannot be prepared for what happens.  It is beyond words and relation to other experiences.  My brain is still stunned and fascinated.  My heart is overwhelmed.
One of the greatests joys of the constellation is to see and feel …the unconscious. It is magical.
In the eighties, I was a strong follower of NLP. NLP brings a lot of power for lasting change.  The Family Constellations have a ot of NLP elements to them…but they are much more, especially the orders of love.
Several things have happened [since the workshop].  I noticed that I am happy.  Just happy in a simple way, …  I notice myself smiling on the inside.
One of the most dramatic changes is the sense of peace. It pervades everything, my body, my thoughts, my actions.
My body is quiet.  It doesn’t tense up when normal stressors present themselves.  It’s a wonderful feeling.  My whole life is changing from being in this position of peace.  The same events or stimuli result in totally different ways of being because I react in a different way now, from the heart and trust and security.  It’s just there. My body is ridding itself of pain as never before.  I must have been carrying that pain and anger of all those years of living in a violent alcoholic family.  Each day I get stronger now.
So, empirically, the constellation makes immediate changes, deep core changes. I hope others do what I did.  Thank goodness [I] fell into this.  Thanks to L. for leading us to Family Constellations.”
–Eric Root, Bellingham, WA
Healer- Structural Integration, PNW Soft Tissue Clinic

“First of all, thank you again for all the time, effort and love you put into making Family Constellations in Seattle possible.
A year ago in a Family Constellations workshop I worked on my own issue — dealing with insanity in my mother’s side of the family. I have felt much movement since then, especially in my own heart, and the fear I held there for so many years is gone. The love and respect I feel for my mother and her family is as strong today as it was that day a year ago when I respectfully bowed in front of all them at the end of my constellation. It was a very VERY powerful experience for me.”
–Liz Fabian
Energy Worker
Administrative Assistant

“I appreciated your work as a facilitator so much. The work is powerful in itself and I seemed able to access the depth fully because of your competent facilitation. In just one short workshop your clarity and confidence, and your insistence, your absolute certainty that blame has no place in our lives, opened up a lot of possibility for me in allowing healing for myself and others. I was able to become so clear about the intention of the work.
The perspective offered by the Family Constellation work has been so reassuring, refreshing and visionary. It has influenced my internal relationship with myself and my attitude towards my relationship with my husband. Although I noticed how vulnerable I felt in the aftermath of the workshop, I have also felt a lightness. My interactions with both my adult sister and my mother seemed lighter.
The work seems to complement every other useful personal healing in which I have engaged. It feels like a little shaped puzzle piece has wiggled its way into this picture of my life and into my heart. I hold in my mind the image of the tableau that stood before me with my mother in front, her mother, and another woman behind them, all leaning together, and I recall the words that allowed me to connect to those women. It feels so right–I am so grateful!
After being a representative and observer I had no idea how difficult it would be to give up the “old story” for myself. I thank you for the part you played in helping me to have this “new story.” I think your warmth and peacefulness and your facility with the process and your appreciation for us as participants was essential to my being able to take in so much and be so present.”

“Since the workshop I have been noticing how much easier it is to stay in the heart space.  Thank you a million times!  What a different life we have when we live from the heart.  I so much appreciate your work and YOU.  Your dedication to the heart is obvious and precious.  You have helped me a ton through this work and I’m so happy to have another tool that anchors me in my heart.”

–Carol Stanton, BodyTalk Practitioner,
Chapel Hill, NC

“I started the workshop being skeptical of the entire process, however throughout the weekend my feelings changed to understanding and admiring how the dynamics worked – for betterment.
I didn’t know any of the other participants, just knowing we are all spiritual brothers and sisters and are basically one, and ended the weekend really feeling that that is true.What stands out in my memory are the love and acceptance of most participants … and the acknowledgment that we are all on the same journey with similar situations we must deal with.  And most of all, that an unconditional love heals all wounds, if we but open ourselves and allow the process to happen.
One word sums up the effect for me and the others: Compassion!!!  Seeing that we all have situations in our lifes, whether they be from past family members or just our own, they all affect us – and if we are compassionate – healing can take place.
Forgiveness is another important word and action [in Family Constellation work]- for when we forgive others and most importantly – ourselves – true healing takes place.
As a result of Family Constellations I personally became more clear about my health and family.  Other family members were affected also by my taking part in the constellation – though they did not understand why things had changed.
I admire that you do not manipulate [the constellations] for end results, that you allow the situation to unfold as it should – and if it does not, accept that and move on.  I like how comfortable you are in the process and that you do not take on other’s hurts as your own. Keep up the great work.”
–Jim Haverlock, Twisp, WA
Author and Merchant

“Thank you for the effort of putting workshops together that have such deep impact. I appreciated seeing my family from an outsider perspective and found out things I never knew.This is truly a helpful tool. To be with others and observe them on their paths is giving additional insights. I hope to be part of it again.”
–Dr. S.P., Kirkland, WA

“Thanks so much for your presentation (Introductory workshop).  Of course it was probably more wonderful for me (as a working participant) than for the others.  It was a great night.  So good to make contact with you and see your good work in action.  Many many thanks!”
–Eric Allison, Kirkland, WA
Bachelors in Sociology and Psychology,
Masters in Marriage and Family therapy
Two years training in TransactionalAnalysis
Masters 0f Divinity,
Doctor of Communications
Ordained Swedenborgian Minister

” Thanks for “the family constellation workshop” ….  A lot of common plunging around into the black cloisters of our lives.  Dead clods of sadness in “the River Room”. But the light kept creeping through the window blinds–throwing up ladders of light.
I found it a very good experience.  Need more of that kind of work when darkness stalks the world, don’t you think? ”
–James Donaldson, Twisp, WA
“It was a transforming opportunity, a remarkable experience and a pleasure to attend the Family Constellation workshop in Seattle.  I’m still processing my experiences and expect that will continue for a while.  I feel blessed to have had this opportunity.  It was so unique that it is hard to describe but your professionalism and expertise were notable throughout.  I felt completely at ease with your direction and leadership.  You obviously bring both a skillset and an art to this work.  Thank you so very much.”
–Eugenia Terry, Seattle, WA

“Thank you so much for facilitating the workshop and allowing all of us to hold the energy.  I saw a close friend last night and she remarked that my countenance had changed.
I was fortunate to spend Monday with my parents in Seattle and we walked through the forests and gardens of the arboretum.  I noticed it was much easier to stay in my heart or at least quickly return to it after a foray into the judging world of my mind.
I sense that this work will help bring me in to balance; it offsets the weight that comes with knowing about crimes against humanity and nature.  I am no stranger to compassion, but I felt it so strongly throughout the workshop that my critical, judging side had to give in to the love.
A heartfelt thank you for sharing this work,
–Michael Kane, Leavenworth, WA

“I just wanted to say thanks for the weekend and the wonderful work you are doing.
This was a very moving weekend and has certainly given me pause…
I wrote … something that I thought I would send you:

Until now…

Until now
I have not allowed myself
To bond with you
My ancestral line
Of  Y chromosome carrying men.

This dis-ease we have
(Or so I’ve thought)
Is to be abjured
Cast out.

My allegiance
And protection
Was in my mothers breast
And the righteousness
Of those bra-burning women
Of the 1960’s.

Who would want to face such wrath?

Better surely to cut the chord
Of my grandfathers’ love
To deny with mummy
The aching purity of daddy’s inmost heart.

Don’t all those men know
How deeply flawed we are?
Better to deny ourselves
To cast each other out
And live rootless
In the neutered love
Of quiet acquiescence
Until at last
When 50
We can say
“Having betrayed myself
So long ago
I have forgotten how to care enough
To be faithful to anyone
Least of all myself.”

And then, at last
A door opens.”

(c) Mark Yeoell, Seattle, WA
Founder, Global Integrity Leadership Group
Leadership & High Performance Teams Consultant