Long Distance and Personal Sessions

While Family Constellations workshops with a circle of human representatives are the most powerful form for doing this work, (with many benefits beyond addressing one’s own personal issue), constellations can be set one-on-one with a skilled facilitator. This allows people without easy access to a workshop, and also the sick, elderly or severely time-restricted, to take advantage of this powerful healing process. All that’s needed is a telephone, or better yet, a computer/smart phone with Zoom, FaceTime or another video call app.

For long distance constellations we use specially designed RelationChips (see picture) to visualize the system and the facilitator represents all the elements of the constellation. When working with clients who do not have access to a video call app we use guided imagery.

The price for a long distance constellation is US$ 260. The constellation will take between 90 and 120 minutes. If we need more time there will be a surcharge of $1 for every additional minute. Payment for the constellation is submitted via Paypal before the appointment. In the rare event when additional minutes are needed, an invoice will be sent after the session.

We will start by picking a mutually agreeable time via email. To set up a long distance appointment, email Brigitte at inquirewithinhealing@protonmail.com with dates and times that work best for you. Please mention your time zone! Once we have agreed on a date and time, please return to this page and fill out the form below. Click on Submit and wait for this page to reload to move on to the Paypal button.

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