Matrix Energetics

MElogoMatrix Energetics permits us to access the zero point energy field where the universe exists as waves of light and information which consciousness transforms into manifested reality.

From our earliest childhood we have been trained to expect certain realities to be true and absolute, turning them into deeply ingrained belief systems, thus limiting the possibility for true and lasting change of our life circumstances.

We have come to believe in a consensus reality, accepting without question the “facts” (judgments and beliefs) that have been told to us about our existence and even our experience since we were infants:

“This is a ball and it is red”, “… You are a separate being and your thoughts and feelings are your own”, “….Now you are feeling frustrated”, “…You are no good at math”,”…Healing takes time”, “..Nothing on this planet defies gravity”,… Sadness is a bad feeling”.

We have not learned to perceive anything different than what we expect to see, and in this way we limit what we can experience to a few probabilities instead of the endless possibilities of the quantum field.

Movies like “What the Bleep Do We Know” and “The Secret” have introduced us to the “new” science of Quantum Physics and Noetic Science, and the ‘Law of Attraction’. Matrix Energetics provides a key to “enter into” the Zero Point Field of endless possibilities via intention and the power of our hearts. Miracles can happen there if we allow them and trust.

It is my intent to facilitate a session for your highest and greatest good. Together we will enter the quantum field and allow for different, more beneficial outcomes to your life’s issues and challenges than what you previously experienced, be they health-, relationship-, work- or money-related, or anything else that could benefit from a fresh, new perspective.

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