My Intention and Approach

I am in service to what in systemic constellations is called “the Knowing Field”. Rupert Sheldrake, a renowned  biologist coined the term “morphic field” for the overarching field of intelligence that members of a species or social group are part of. Spiritual teachers call it All-consciousness, the heart field, and many other names. This field contains all of the information that you are a part of,  (i.e. everything), most of which we are totally unaware of, because nobody has taught us that in the western culture. Our souls are timelessly connected to the Knowing Field and we can receive the information via our right (intuitive) brain and feel the resonance with the information in our heart.


Artist: Zenos Frudakis

In constellation work we have a method of consciously connecting with this limitless stream of information, without the need for psychic training or special ability. The most important experience which constellation work provides for us, besides the resolution of painful family entanglements, is the direct and visceral experience of our deep connection with all that is. The rational mind, which has assumed absolute control over life’s experiences in most people, and which maintains the illusion of separateness, is encouraged to relax and make space for the intuitive intelligence of the heart. The body, in its honest wisdom shows the way. The shift from a dominant, left-brain, linear perception to a balanced relationship with the right, the intuitive brain, brings relaxation and serenity, -a lightness of being, which many people long for. In this energy field, lasting changes happen; a new and healing perspective replaces the old story with its rigid, oppressive emotional and mental patterns. Constellation work is consciousness work, with healing potential for all levels of our existence.

It is my intention in this work to empower people to fully experience their own connection with the Knowing  Field, by helping them to release their systemic burdens and entanglements, escape the relentless grip of their linear minds and to open their hearts and trust.

ID-10024093To that extend I like to work with as little personal information as possible and allow the full involvement of  the representatives in the process of the constellation. This is group work, with incredible healing effects for all. As a facilitator I liken myself to the conductor of an orchestra: I do not write the music and I am not playing the instruments that produce it. But I have learned to read all the musical parts  and to conduct the concert in a way that gives full expression to the music, to be received by everyone who is listening. If I do my work well, you will hardly notice I’m there.