Constellation Work

greentreeFCLogoandTypeChanging the World, one Heart at a Time I have been involved in systemic constellation work for over 15 years. When I first came across this work in a family constellations workshop in Germany, I sensed immediately, that I had found something so profound and deep that it had the power to change the lives of individuals as well as humanity as a whole.  This empowering and transformative process does not need any prior experience or philosophical perspective.  Its deep healing can be felt by everyone interested in true resolution and peace within themselves, their families and the world around them. Constellations work took me into its service and has kept me passionately involved from my first workshop experience.  I am committed to bringing its manifold blessings to an ever-widening circle of people.  My heart is in this work, and my workshops, trainings and learning circles are offered with love to all, and gratitude towards the many people I learned from over the years, especially Bert Hellinger and Dietrich Weth. In Service, Brigitte Sztab