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LC Retreat 2011

Intuitive Awareness, Personal Transformation and the Art of Facilitating Systemic Constellations

For aspiring facilitators and all who want to deepen their constellation experience and work on core issues

Learn to use your intuition, sharpen your perception, become fully present with yourself and others, live and work from your heart, recognize energetic boundaries, and much more: The Learning Circle is a program of transformation through heart opening, self knowledge and connection to the universal field of consciousness. While releasing old feeling and belief pattern through in-depth constellation work, participants learn to listen to and rely on their intuitive voice which speaks to them always but is rarely listened to. As a result students will learn what it means and how it feels to become fully present in their lives and to live with an open, fearless heart. The rational mind is quieted and learns to work harmoniously with  the intuitive mind so that heart, body and soul can be integrated.  If so inclined students will also take their first steps to becoming facilitators of this work.  Learn more

Instructor: This unique class is taught by Brigitte Sztab, C.C.

Activities include:

  • 296457_10150339682684424_974877334_n continuing your healing and evolvement in many constellations in a safe and bonded group
  • deepening your understanding of the Orders of Love
  • observing, examining and discussing the facilitation process,
  • experiencing personal attunement to energy,
  • developing and sharpening your intuition
  • learning to distinguish between your own energy and the energy of others,
  • perceptual awareness
  • learning to work with intention and the “knowing field”
  • practicing the facilitation of family constellations within the group

2012-12-08 16.10.45Who will benefit:

This class is first and foremost about transformation. You will empty your life’s backpack as an active or supportive participant in many constellations. This will change your perspective on your relationships and life in general from one of self-centered, personal story to deeper truth and compassion. You will discern how your heart speaks to you and learn how easy it can be to live with its wisdom. Without the baggage of the past, you gain confidence and courage to live your life as your unique and authentic self while staying connected to the unified field of consciousness. You will complete this class a different person than when you signed up for it.

Since we cannot assist others before doing our own work, this class is invaluable for aspiring constellation facilitators at all levels of training, as well as for all healers and lay people who wish to broaden their perception and learn to use their own body awareness as an instrument to “read” energetic information. This ability is very useful in all dealings with people at a personal or professional level, as it helps to interact more effectively while keeping healthy boundaries and staying centered.

Future constellation facilitators will appreciate the hands-on, interactive learning and encouragement that comes from working (and playing) in the “knowing field” with a seasoned facilitator and gifted teacher.

2012-12-08 17.24.50Prerequisites:
No prerequisites are required. However, we recommend reading the book Love’s Hidden Symmetry before the course.

We expect participants to be committed to a path of self-exploration as the continued participation in constellation work is a life changing process.
Facilitators in this work have to be willing to do their own inner work and clear their own field in order to guide and support others to do the same.
We would like students to be self-motivated and eager to enhance their learning by reading books and studying related materials, as suggested by the trainer.
Books, CDs and videos will be available for borrowing (WA only). Participation in a monthly student-led study and practice group is highly encouraged.

You will be receiving a certificate for the completion of this training program if you attend at least 9 of the 12 sessions. Certification is only an acknowledgement that the training program has been completed. Certification does not mean that the participant has achieved excellence in facilitating family constellations nor is it an endorsement by the trainer.  No training program can teach the depth and artistry that is a result of experience and integrity in facilitating this work.
We strive to provide our students with a solid foundation of understanding and practice of the work on which their skills and passion can grow.  We encourage their continued training and practice in other programs or study groups.

More about the Learning Circle

“One year, it seems like such a long time … Can I commit, can I go into the unknown? I take a deep breath, a leap of faith, and here I am.  We come together for our first two days of Learning Circle (LC) intensity. Then, while the weeks go by, until the next intensity, you simmer, smolder, and remold. Whether you set your own constellation or simply hold space; you will be remolded by your LC experience. Everything we know from the past, all our bumps and bruises, twists and turns have molded who we are today. We know what we know, until our mold is broken. Then we are free to experience things in a new way, a way through Love. I have been remolded by my LC experience, never to be the same again. Through the pain, through the tears, I reconnect to my ancestry through Love. I feel that Love now for the first time. It sustains me, as it should be. I am Blessed! Forever changed, Forever Loved!”  ~ Lisa Dawn Warriax, PhD, Seattle

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