Pay it Forward

What Goes Around Comes Around-

Scholarship Fund


It has always been our practice to admit anyone to a Family Constellations workshop who needed healing but was short of funds. However, sometimes there are more requests for scholarships than there are paying participants. When that happens the workshops no longer support themselves and their facilitator. As a result workshops have to be canceled, fewer workshops get scheduled and less people reap the tremendous benefits of this work.


At a recent workshop a participant volunteered to pay for the upgrade (from supporting to working participant) for a fellow participant who didn’t have the funds. A friend, who heard about this, felt inspired and suggested to start a scholarship fund. She wrote a check right away to get it started.


Anyone who has a little extra, can contribute to this fund to help another person participate.
If you have been helped financially in the past to do your healing, whether with Family Constellations or in any other way, here is a chance to return the favor.

Please note that your gift is not tax-deductible, but you can get recognition  if you want your name mentioned as a donor.

There are three easy ways to donate:

1) Make a check out to Brigitte Sztab and mark it Scholarship fund
Send it to:
Family Constellations Scholarship Fund
c/o Brigitte Sztab
PO Box 724
Chelan, WA 98816

2) Secure online payment with PayPal.

3) If you come to one of our introductory evenings, your donation or fee for that evening goes towards the scholarship fund.