Questions and Answers


What are Systemic Constellations and how are they different from Family Constellations?

Systemic Constellations is the term that comprises all forms of constellation work. Family constellations were developed first, but the constellation process proved effective to look at the deeper levels of relationship in any system.

In Family Constellations we work with the family system, in organizational constellations we address systems that relate, interact and work together around a common goal. A business is a system, as is a university, a political party, a professional association, etc. In any system the parts that make up the whole determine the vitality of the system, and the vitality of the system affects its parts.

Today, there are many applications for the constellation process that are geared towards uncovering the hidden dynamics and resulting disturbances in specific instances. Here are a few examples:

  • Family Constellations
  • Organizational Constellations
  • Blind Constellations
  • Environmental/Nature  Constellations
  • Structural Constellations
  • Shamanic Constellations
  • 5 Element Constellations

There are also different formats of setting constellations, besides the classic workshop circle with a number of different representatives. Constellations are now facilitated with figurines or markers as representatives, in an office setting or on Skype.  Internet platforms are currently being developed that allow a 3-dimensional view of representatives, with both parties able to move the figures. One can also attempt to work alone, with chairs or place mats or by pickling up pieces of paper.

I still think that the work is at its most powerful when shared in a circle with many others. The Knowing Field is so much stronger when many hearts come together. But if you don’t have the time, funds or proximity to attend a constellation workshop, please contact me about setting up a long-distance session on the phone or on Skype.

Do I have to bring my family members to do this work?

The only person in your family needed to be present to do this work is yourself.

Can I bring family members and would they be in my constellations?

It is very bonding for family members to experience constellation work together. The work is so powerful that afterwards participants never see relationships in quite the same way as before. It helps to share this new perspective and language with a family member. Plus, when two or more family members have the same heart- and mind-altering experience together, it works powerfully to change the family’s status quo. Family members do not participate in each other’s constellations as representatives. They can be added once resolution is achieved to feel the re-ordered family for themselves.

If I come to an introductory evening, do I have to actively participate?

Attendance at an intro does not guarantee or necessitate that you engage in a constellation, it is o.k. to decline.

What is the difference between a working and a supporting participant?

A working participants sets a constellation about a personal issue, a supporting participant does not.

Constellation work is a deep experience and affects everybody in the workshop. It has been established that the healing energy present in this work is realized equally among all the participants, working and supporting alike.  Some people even say that they received their most profound healing as a representative for somebody else’s family member.  Participants may register in the supportive role, if they are new to the work and just want to “get their feet wet”. Others come as supporting participants after they already worked through a lot of issues in constellations, to reconnect with the amazing consciousness field that is present in the workshop and to practice their connection to their own hearts. Most newcomers want to set a constellation, even if they were not sure about it at the beginning of the workshop. Supporting participants may change their registrations and set a constellations if time allows.

What is a representative?

A representative is a workshop participant who is asked to participate in somebody else’s constellation. They will stand in for a family member, or another energy that is relevant for the working participant and his /her constellation.

What discounts do I qualify for? (Not all discounts are offered at all workshops. Please check the workshop information page)

Family Discount: $25 per family member who is setting a constellation

Student Discount: Highschool- free, Undergraduate 50% (some restrictions apply)

Bring a Friend: Register together with a friend who is new to our workshops and who is setting a constellation and receive $25 off your own tuition.

Some partial scholarships can be given based on need. Please inquire.

Do I need to know my family’s history in order to do constellation work?

Information is helpful but not essential. It helps if you can find out a few facts about your family, such as sudden or premature death, severe or chronic and/or mental illness, addictions, miscarriages and abortions, which generation immigrated and country of origin. If your ancestors benefited in any way from the misfortune of others, that is also important to know. In Family Constellations we are looking to remove emotional, mental, physical and relational patterns that have been caused by deeply felt occurrences in an ancestor’s life.

Do I have to participate in a workshop to set a constellation?

While constellations are incredibly powerful in a workshop setting, they can also be experienced one-on-one with a skilled facilitator using objects instead of human representatives. This can be done in person or long distance via phone or computer.

If you have a general question, please email us so we can include it here.