Women’s Workshop



2013-03-01 14.10.49An Experience of Female Essence

The feminine aspects of the Divine have been invisible on our planet for more than 10000 years.  This workshop intends to open a space for these energies to be felt in the physical reality of our lives and our world. It is a profound and creative experience by and for all participants.

Explore and re-discover the female energy in her pure essence, un-compromised, and undiluted by the male energy which up to now has overlaid everything in our consciousness and which informs all of our thoughts and actions.

Look at the symptoms and consequences of the invisibility of the female energy and at ways to bring her back to consciousness and into balance with the male energy.

Experience the true female essence by feeling the energies within your body and by paying attention to the rhythms of the earth and your life.
Find out what it means to co-create in a truly female way.

P1000571 - CopyPlease note: This is not a family constellations workshop, although we might be using elements of constellation work.

There are currently no workshops on the schedule. Please email us if you have an interest in this workshop