Workshop Testimonials


“I have noticed post workshop that the charge I have with certain people has greatly lessened. The freedom of this shift brings so much peace to my heart and available energy to my life. I am amazed.”
Orcas Island

“Thank you so much for this valuable workshop. As a physician, I was humbled by the healing I experienced and saw this weekend. You are a remarkable facilitator.”

–Richard E. Stein, M.D.
New Zealand

“I am truly blessed to have been present in your workshop. Thank You for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us.”
–Zakir Mahomedy, Merchant
Durban, South Africa

“A short note to say a big thank you for the Chelan Family Constellation Workshop. I have benefited deeply. I am feeling so much lighter and easier inside…like a burden has dissolved. I so appreciate your insight into the work I am ready to do, and your facilitation of it.”
–Livina Hiacinth, B.C. Canada
B.Ed, Reiki Master, Soul level Intuitve, Educator & Healer

“I want to thank you again for the tremendous healing experience. I’ve had a lightness of heart that I haven’t experienced in quite some time. My heart has opened up like a camera shutter allowing me to see things with new insight and greatly accelerate the changes I need to make. My head didn’t have to convince me of healing this time, I felt it.”
–Michelle Mickle, North Bend, WA Teacher, Artist

” The most impressive result (of Family Constellations) was that my mother and I came to a wonderful understanding two weeks before she died. I saw the truth of our relationship when others represented us, removing my distorted point of view. What helped me was working with the strong feminine influence that you held for me, a strong female, without judgment. The space in the room felt secure, safe.”
–Shantana, Kirkland, WA
Energy Practitioner
Barbara Brennan graduate/instructor

“The first time I attended a workshop, I came home noticeably different. My children stopped and circled around me…feeling the difference. Being part of this year’s Family Constellations Learning Circle has only deepened that clear calmness and helped free me from old stories.
–Kim Odell, Teacher
Twisp, WA

“The container of my heart is so full today that I have to periodically hold my hand to my heart to try and support all of the love inside.”
–Susan Myers, South Carolina

0008“The constellations work has been life changing for me. After feeling stuck in my personal therapy process, I felt liberated by the insight and meaning that emerged for me through this work. I now have a different vision of my life story. Brigitte provides a safe and sacred space through which the work unfolds at its own pace. She is impeccable in her love and support of human growth.”
–Agata Burdziuk, Mental Health Therapist
Vancouver, Canada

“Working with Brigitte brings meaning and depth to concepts like ‘being present’ and ‘living from the heart’. She creates the support and safety needed to risk looking deep within beyond old patterns that cannot serve a full and expanded life.”
–Tina Smythe,

“Thank you for bringing this magical work to Seattle, I feel so blessed at having this opportunity for the upcoming year of working with you. This weekend’s work was beyond words for the healing I received and witnessing healing miracles in others, I feel connected and at home for the first time in my life. You are a blessing to all.
–Diane Smith, Seattle

“Capable yet gentle, straighforward yet profound, this is Brigitte. Doing this work and opening yourself to her ministrations is the first of many steps towards ‘being the trust you want to see in the world,’ the ultimate result of this completely mind-boggling work.
–Tara Alisbah, Writer
Asheville, NC

“The Family Constellations experience gave me the ability to reach inside, and discover how to understand myself and improve my relationship with others.”
–Spyros Pavlou, Ph.D.
Chelan, WA

“The constellations gave me an opening and a new perspective on my father and his family of origin that have allowed me more acceptance and peace in my heart for my father than any other form of therapy over many years has enabled. The result is I feel having my whole heart for the first time in my life.”
–Barbara Bloomberg., LMHC
Seattle, WA

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Brigitte’s sensitive and guiding intuition has led me into a healing connection that I have been seeking for years. I am grateful to Brigitte & the Hellinger work for this renewed relationship with myself and with my mother.”
–Livina Hiacinth, B.C. Canada
B.Ed, Reiki Master, Soul level Intuitve, Educator & Healer

“The learning circle was a profound and transforming experience for me. having the opportunity to dive deeply into constellation work with a small group was enriching, joyful and healing and brought many surprises and new discoveries. i feel truly blessed to have been part of this circle with brigitte and our whole group, and i can feel how much more firmly i stand in my own life now.”
–Casey Bledsoe, Sarasota, FL

“The Family Constellations workshop I took with Brigitte Sztab was very powerful for me. When I stood in for other people’s relatives, I actually felt like I was occupying a consciousness different from my own. When others stood in for my relatives, I was amazed by the accuracy of their responses and was deeply moved by the emotional resolutions that happened for me as a result.
The workshop positively shifted my relationship with my mother and with partners from my past. This was a permanent shift that has made life freer and happier for me. The other participants seemed also to be profoundly affected by the Family Constellation process.
One thing I’ll always remember is when someone standing in for a woman’s uncle said something about the uncle that he personally couldn’t have possibly known.This seemed to lead to a real emotional breakthrough for the woman.
Everyone in the workshop was so loving, kind and supportive of one another that it felt like a very safe, nurturing and healing environment to be in.
Brigitte herself is a marvelous teacher–wise, gentle, nurturing and profoundly compassionate. I cannot imagine anyone facilitating this transformative and revolutionary work any better than she.”
–Trisha Howell, Snohomish, WA
Author and Publisher

“Family Constellations has been one of the most rewarding and powerful emotional and spiritual experiences of my life. The workshops have helped open me up, clear up old troubles, and set me back again on my life’s true path.
As a facilitator, Brigittte is at once commanding, nurturing, light, and steady.
If you are interested in moving forward in your life — in the deepest sense — I can think of no better vehicle to take than Family Constellations.”
Guy Evans, Chelan, WA

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“As a facilitator, Brigitte brings to the work a deep sensitivity to energy, coupled with well developed facilitation skills which she uses with integrity and respect for the participants in her workshops. I value her intuition and insights, and trust that I am safe with her.
–L. Lyons, B.C. Canada
Technical Editor

“Some hours after the weekend workshop, we stood 2-3 feet apart and for some moments silently looking at each other. We ‘saw’ each other. I experienced in that moment the ‘what is, as it is’ of our relationship. No history, no future; my thinking mind was still. With a clear reference point free of the veils created by the my conditioned mind, I know what is true.
–WJW – British Columbia, Canada

“Family Constellations did for me what no other form of therapy or workshops could do over the last 25 years of intense work. It allowed me to release completely the incredibly deep-seated anger that was held by my body for over 45 years, from the time of my first incident of abuse. Nothing in all the experiences of my life could have prepared me for what happened in the F.C. session, its expression, its intensity, its final resolution. What was as amazing is the insidious lineage of the abuse through many generations and the dysfunctional, painful, destructive behavior it created in each generation. Thanks to FC, it has stopped with me and saved my children from further abuse and pain.
It appears that I have lost all my body armoring that I have carried for 40+ years. It is the weirdest thing to be walking around in my body today. NEVER, ever felt like this. There is this relaxed feeling that goes deep into each cell, a calmness, like a still pond. It is as if nothing in the world could shake me. I can only surmise that the constellation released me from this fear and guarding. Awesome. Totally unexpected. Maybe one of the most freeing experiences I have known. This is especially exciting since most of my life I have lived with chronic back pain. Now I sleep without pain.”
Eric Root, Leavenworth, WA
Systems Developer, Photographer

“All my life I was burdened with feelings of fear, hate and loathing towards my father. Now I can look at him with love!”
–Robert Ekenbarger, Chelan, WA

“I’ve been pondering what words would describe my FC experience(s). I remember my first demo evening here. All my well known facts, events, stories were appearing in the set up and as I witnessed the process of what FC had to show/tell, I felt the energy move/open/lift/melt/, like “there it is”, the missing piece to healing, completion, freedom to let go, a deep peace, deep connection, expanded relatedness, an experiential, tangible connection to other family members, missing family members, wholeness, oneness. A greater/deeper access to my own individual Being’s yearning to work on the Soul level to complete the “past” and live in the freedom of the Now.”
–Sharon Maccarone, Seattle, WA

“I thoroughly enjoyed the FC workshop that Brigitte Sztab facilitated (in April, 2003). Brigitte provides full attention to all workshop attendees, the issues that are revealed during each constellation and the resulting shifts that occur. The shifts in the issues benefit all attendees and many of their family members who are not present at the FCW.
I found the workshop to be extremely valuable as I clear childhood issues that are still impacting me today – 30 years later! The issue I addressed was related to my mother and the mothers in her family line going back at least eight generations. The shift that occurred during the workshop provided a clearer path for subsequent changes in that area over the next 8 months of my life. I’m so thankful I was able to kick-off these much needed changes during the FC weekend.”
–A.Celento, New Jersey
Payment Systems Marketing Executive

7_“I was able to attend a workshop last spring in Chelan and found it to be one of the single most incredible experiences I’ve ever had…
Family Constellations was initially described to me as ‘a way to initiate the healing process of unresolved family issues without actually confronting family;’ that sounded too good to be true. I can’t pretend that I fully understood what transpired that first night I attended the session, but there was no question as to what I felt. Something changed in me that weekend. I left a different person, and not just because I had a new page of friends in my address book. My perspective had widened; softened somehow, and I had begun to see what was possible through this work.”
–Nikki Fretwell, Bellevue, WA

“I truly do believe that lasting changes in relationship to my family of origin and especially my father have come about as a result of the work and I continue to feel blessed by the gifts I’ve received from Brigitte and the others who have been part of Family Constellations.”
–Elaine Settles
Database Administrator

“Family Constellations workshops give us a gentle, safe space in which to begin healing. Brigitte offers warmth, acceptance and great energy to everyone she encounters.”

“I now have more compassion and understanding. Words of the heart reconnect me to family. Past pain is released as I am able to honor my parents for their gift. The gift of life. I got exactly whatI needed all along! ”
–Vala Stevenson, LMP,

“…Worldviews should be left at the door. What takes place in the Family Constellation is more about the nonverbal communication that takes place; gestures, facial expressions, eye contact, body posture, touch, and use of space. …”
–Catherine Freeman, Manson, WA

“My experience of two family constellations workshops with Brigitte has been immensely helpful in my personal journey of self-discovery and healing. Despite my initial fears of ‘being seen,’ I quickly felt welcomed in the safe and non-judgmental space she creates in a workshop. I was able to experience the healing of multi-generational wounds and the reconciliation between estranged family members in a warm circle of new friends. My heart was opened to the immensity of the love that is available to anyone through this simple, yet mysterious process. Part of the beauty of family constellation work is that I benefit equally when I act as a participant working on my issue as well as when I serve as a representative in someone else’s constellation. This work creates a palpable connection with ‘something much larger that any one of us.’ I appreciate Brigitte’s wonderful ability to help all the people present open their hearts to experience personal healing and to connect with the universal spirit of human nature in one of its purest forms.”
— Bryan Brewer, Seattle, WA

“I finally have peace and reconnection to my roots because of Brigitte Sztab’s family constellation workshops. Nothing else of the many things I’ve tried has been as powerful or life changing.”
–Mary Ann Henderson, Seattle, WA

“I’ve never enjoyed going back to work on Monday morning as much as I did after doing a Family Constellations workshop. What a great way to start the week. My library patrons were probably wondering what happened to me.”
–L. Verellen, Chelan, WA

ancestors“Family constellation work is one of the most effective forms of healing I have experienced to date and I feel very grateful to have experienced it under such compassionate and insightful guidance as Brigitte’s. Instead of being a victim, this type of work requires us to take responsibility, move into our hearts and access the love that is already present in our families of origin, no matter how “dysfunctional”! It requires us to shift our perception about what could have or should have been and instead acknowledge what is. It helps us see our ancestors in a different light, respect their fates and hardships, and accept them with all of their human “imperfection” and beauty. This opens our hearts to love, helps us accept ourselves and most importantly anybody we come into contact with. The ego is dismantled and the mind definitely stays home as well. This is about feeling, something we seem to have forgotten to do in our mechanical, westernized society, which is driven by ego (fear). Thank you, Brigitte, for providing a safe space to experience this healing and creating a supportive community to share it with many others who like me are on their healing path.
–Nicole Barthel, LMP, Seattle WA

“If you want to be a better practitioner, a better human being, a better representation of who you truly are, I recommend this work. Brigitte is highly intuitive and effective at facilitating and expresses what shows up in the field with an empathy and clarity that will astonish and empower you. It has come to my understanding that at this time in the world, it is essential we “heal” our past and quit repeating the pains & struggles of our ancestors. If you want to experience the strength of your genes & ancestors, I suggest you experience this work. You will be surprised at how much your life will be influenced for the better. If every person in the world became aware of the field we are all swimming in, we would have a world of Peace. Do this for yourself, so you experience this Peace within yourself, and watch how it spreads in your world. Again, I highly recommend this work for everyone.”
–Debbie Moran, Sarasota, FL
Certified BodyTalk Instructor, RMT, LMT

“Thank you for leading my Dad and myself thru to our ancestors! I feel lighter, more joyful and at ease! You have helped provide great clarity and wonderful bonding within my family.
–Monica Oakes, Wilbur,WA

“I went to bed last night filled with thankfulness for our poignant family reunion. And to you, specifically, for your keen insight into helping us deconstruct and reconfigure our relationship to one another, including the perfect verbal cues to bridge that shift. Years ago, I had a lightbulb moment when I read the line “change your thoughts and you change your world.” It shed a whole new light on my ability to determine my reality. Constellation work drives the point home.
Thank you for seeing me, and for being our exquisitely attuned metaphysical midwife.”
–Lee Glenn, Seattle

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Brigitte’s intuition and healing facilitation is highly transformative. Beginning with healing your own pain or desire for resolution, she works through conflicts, feelings, and traumas to help you find resolution. I have found the constellations to be uplifting, emotionally grounding, and healing. I have learned how to take better care of myself when experiencing my deepest fears. Brigitte has helped me know the love and care of my ancestors and carry their spirit with me. It is because of Brigitte that I have been able to learn how to attune better to my own emotions and pursue my dreams with brightness and clarity.”
Robin LaSota, PhD, Educational Researcher
Seattle, WA

“Thank you for bringing this magical work to Seattle, I feel so blessed at having this opportunity of working with you. This weekend’s work was beyond words for the healing I received and witnessing healing miracles in others, I feel connected and at home for the first time in my life. You are a blessing to all.
–Diane Smith
Seattle, WA

“That was some week-end we all had together. I can’t get over the power of our gathering. I am continuing to feel my ancestors supporting me & passing on their love. My path of forgiveness, love for myself, & gratitude for my life is stronger than it has ever been. Anytime I get one of my obsessive neg thoughts, I remind myself of my ancestors all standing behind me with so much strength & encouragement to move me in a positive direction. So those old thoughts are starting to just move by & leave as quickly as they come. What relief. The constellations fit me so well. I’m still blown away by my lessons.”
Thank-you Brigitte, from the bottom of my heart for helping me crack my egg!!!!!
Sandy Sheppard, Optometrist
Missoula, MT