About the Workshops

gibsonbuildingMost of my Family Constellations workshops consist of two full days, preceded by the introductory evening, which is open to the public (most of the time), but still part of the weekend for registered workshop participants.

I feel that the format of a weekend workshop allows for the greatest exposure and deepest experience. This work is processed by the heart and the heart’s input is deeply felt experience. It takes a while to leave our mental mechanisms behind to arrive fully in the moment where the experience can be felt again and again, and our heart’s authentic response can be practiced and integrated, before we step out into the left brained world again. This work happens at a deep energetic level, it cannot be rushed and checked off.

Once in a while I offer a shortened version of the constellation workshop without the second full day, sometimes as a way of introducing the work in a community when there is not enough consciousness about the work to fill a long workshop. These workshops will be clearly marked on the calendar.

For any questions you might have about the workshops, check the Q & A page. If your answer isn’t there or you need clarification, write us an email

If weekend workshops are not accessible to you, or not your “cup of tea”, we can also work one-on-one, in person or online.